Lick Your Way to a Better You

Have you ever imagined that you could lick on a lollipop and change the way you think? I am not talking about some illegal hallucinogenic drug, but a legal way to changing how you think or do things. Eye Candy can. Even though the concept sounds like something from the “Electric Kool-aid Acid Test”, Eye Candy uses a Sensory Substitution Technology to naturally send vibrant, emotive images to your mind. Through the use of resonators located on the candy, information is transmitted from the tongue to the brain allowing for the mind to see the images contained in Eye Candy. Eye Candy is available in 6 flavors: Relax, Socialize, Assert, Meditate, Confront and Focus.

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  • 姜保国 says:


  • zippyflounder says:

    ummmm ok, so lets say this works, now the first ones that get control of it are

    a marketing monkeys
    b politicians

    scary cit.

  • 姜保国 says:


  • deanween8 says:

    yeah if you think of it that way and you buy the “social bullshit” lollipop from the store in a few years.


    you can think of it as a total emotional sensation controlled by what you crave, great idea…I wunna try one 🙂

  • chris says:

    sry but i don’t believe it.

    or check this one

  • technologyman says:

    well they say a sucker is born every minute. Here is a perfect example, suck your way to happyness

  • Canastrophy says:

    That reminds me of the Chuba Chups Lollipop Device which, when licked, plays FM or AM Radio straight into your ears. No Headphones were required!

  • enoo says:

    Well, I really don’t believe such a thing could work, but even if it did – I hope it’s not supposed to be plugged while people suck it, because the “cord” is really short 😉

  • Seb says:

    the site says:
    “An array of resonators positioned on the surface of an Eye Candy transmit information from the tongue to the brain at the frequency that the eyes usually send visual information to the brain… The mind decodes this sensorial information as vivid pictures”

    Lets say this does actually work. Could it be used for the blind? Or even deaf people? What about other disabilities of this sort?

  • powers says:

    Two words;

    Minority Report.

  • Kevin says:


    concept design?

  • akamikey says:

    how does it work? how can a device control how you feel just by licking it? if it works. how much of your feeling can you really control? let say if just lost an arm can it help me think other that it was a good thing to loose an arm or can it heal a broken heart? if so man you made a great product that can help millions to escape reality.

  • andie says:

    i don’t believe it. but i still want one

  • ben says:

    I get the impression that one would need to first program one’s brain in order for this *ahem* concept to work.. From the “how it works” page on the website it seams to be saying that your brain will decode the information sent by the device, which is done through stimulating your tongue, and will allow you to see images directly in your brain.

    For an image to be seen I believe that you would first need to associate the stimulus with the image which could be done through a program included with the lollypop style usb device. One would connect the device to a computer running the software and spend what would likely be several hours programing or imprinting one’s mind with relaxing imagery (for the relax flavor) which would be associated to different stimulus through the usb device.

    Eventually one could perceivably expect that the stimulus alone would be able to bring up a remembered image within one’s mind.

    That being said there would be no reason to have different flavors of usb devices, just different programs for imprinting one’s mind and some sort of selection device for choosing the stimulus to be delivered once the appropriate associations are possible.

    An interesting concept which has merit but I like other posters do not believe that this is an actual product that currently exists (just check the website which suggests emailing the creators in order to place oneself on a wait-list for when the product is available. My guess, not anytime soon.)

  • Noauj says:

    You guys… this is just an example site for a web design company. The lolpipop is not a real product… just something to show what a real site using this design would look like.

    If y’all thought this was a real product, there really is a sucker born every minute!

  • Miko Kazamuto says:

    for 90 dollars you could just go buy some shrooms, acid, and a big sack of weed and have all the mind altering goodness you could ever want….

  • anon55 says:

    The next revolution in the porn business.

  • James says:

    No, he’s not:

    The video shows a pretty basic tongue->vision transformation, I don’t know that I believe this is capable of “vivid pictures” given what I’ve seen from that video.

    Anyone should watch that video if they have the slightest interest in this.

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