This hammer comes with its own finger-guard, pry-tool, and detachable spirit level

It seems like every corner of the Tuk Hammer has a little Easter Egg of functionality. Perhaps one of the most refreshing takes on the tool, the Tuk has a design that’s both eye-catching and multi-functional. For starters, it comes with a steel head on one end for hammering on hard surfaces, and a rubberized head on the opposite side for softer surfaces. Embedded into the Tuk’s T-junction are a vertical and horizontal leveling tool as well as a finger-guard that lets you hammer away without accidentally hitting yourself. The dual-headed hammer even manages to fit a nail prying tool on its upper surface, and lastly, comes with a safety strap that allows the Tuk Hammer to be secured to the user’s wrist, preventing damage and accidents caused by a falling tool when working from a height!

The Tuk Hammer is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2019.

Designer: Alvaro Uribe