This 5-in-1 Titanium Carabiner Multitool is the Perfect Travel EDC Companion

Your keychain can hold keys, and it can probably open bottles… but can it fix your bicycle? Can it transform into a screwdriver? Can it turn into a box-cutter or self-defense tool? Designed for the outdoor enthusiast who always loves having the right tool on them for the right task, the KeySnap is a rather cleverly designed 5-in-1 carabiner. Crafted out of Grade-5 Titanium (the strongest metal known to mankind), the KeySnap is a pretty brutishly built carabiner keychain that doubles as a multitool. The carabiner’s unique one-piece design allows it to easily attach onto belt loops, backpack straps, and other hooking points, while the KeySnap’s base features a tiny removable blade with a semi-sharp edge that’s perfect for cutting paper, drops, and opening boxes. Look around the KeySnap and you’ll also notice its hex-wrench that also works as a bit holder for a screwdriver, a spoke wrench that’s perfect for fixing bicycles, and a bottle opener that lets you crack open a brewski outdoors.

Designer: MTI

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Carabiners are pretty much a standard fixture in the EDC world and you’ll probably find your fair share of ones with multitools built into them, but the KeySnap is different in two key ways – A. The fact that it’s made entirely from grade-5 titanium, which makes it much more durable than any steel alloy carabiner on the market. and finally B. the integration of a removable blade into the base of the carabiner, allowing you to quickly detach it when you need to, and clip it back in place once you’re done.

The first thing you notice with the KeySnap’s design is the carabiner detail. Unlike most carabiners that come with a spring-loaded arm, the KeySnap just uses a clever series of cuts that allows the titanium to bend as if it were spring-loaded. Given how incredibly resilient titanium is, the arm can flex a great deal without breaking or withstanding any sort of damage. Titanium’s shape-memory nature gives the arm its springiness, allowing it to return securely to its original position.

The KeySnap’s defining feature (and something that sets it apart from the competition) is that detachable miniature blade. Designed to sit securely inside the carabiner until you press the buttons on each side, the blade can easily be removed for cutting and emergency use. It has a rather tiny spear-point edge, so if you want something more tactical you best go for a full-fledged knife. However, for everything else, it’s a perfect blade to have on hand. The spear-point tip is ideal for cutting through envelopes and boxes, while the edge itself is semi-sharp, so you’re really in no danger of slicing skin and hurting yourself.

When you’re not slicing away at boxes and plastic packets, the KeySnap has a few other tools that can prove to be incredibly handy. A hex wrench lets you work screws and bolts, but also allows you to dock a standard hex-bit and turn your carabiner into a makeshift screwdriver. Right beside the hex wrench is a spoke wrench, perfect for fixing spokes in a bicycle, and to the extreme end sits a bottle opener, a common yet much-appreciated fixture of any good multitool… after all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, doesn’t it?!

All the features fit into the carabiner’s rather compact frame, making it a perfect EDC for your outdoor travels. The KeySnap clocks in at 3.11 inches long, 1.38 inches wide, and weighs a mere 1.3 ounces (37 grams). It’s designed to practically last a lifetime (thanks to the Grade 5 Titanium build), and even with the blade, the KeySnap fully complies with TSA hand tool carry-on regulations. Perfect for carrying any and everywhere, the KeySnap transforms the humble carabiner keychain into an EDC that packs a few interesting features that you’ll be happy to have on you at all times. The KeySnap starts at a discounted $49, and ships worldwide for free starting January 2024.

Click Here to Buy Now: $49 $69 (29$ off) Hurry! 12 Hours Left!

Via: Kickstarter