IKEA reveals gaming furniture collection that blends perfectly with modern interiors

There’s something about gamers that reflects in their overall persona and living space. You can walk into a home and instantly tell it’s a gamer’s den. IKEA wants to condition this perception by making a gamer’s living space more accommodating and comfortable for their non-gaming family members or close pals. Taking a detour from the usual dark-themed setups, the BRÄNNBOLL collection of gaming furniture fuses the best of both worlds.

This subtle collection of 20 versatile items makes even more sense as gaming-themed interiors or furniture items are draped in dark-colored hues. Even IKEA’s previous gaming-themed ROG collection was following the norm. This time around the Swedish multinational wants to concentrate more on the simplistic color schemes that are relevant even when you are not gaming, or when other members of the family are around. According to IKEA, the colors used in this collection are inspired by athleisure and street sports. They’ve balanced these hues with neutral and bright colors, so that they easily mix with the modern home interior design.

Designer: IKEA

According to Ikea product design developer Philip Dilé, the collection is about “making it simple for people to create spaces that adapt to gaming, living, and everything in between.” Coming on to the new collection, there is a desk, chairs, storage solutions and accessories that’ll not only appeal to gamers, but also normal users. A deeper insight into the collection reveals a focus on seating. There’s a fold-out armchair that converts into a lounge for playing intense Battle Royale titles, a rocking-style chair for relaxed gaming in utmost comfort, and an inflatable donut chair having a footstool for casual arcade games.

The most luring item in this collection for me is the gaming station that folds away to resemble a contemporary cupboard. It’s like a hidden portal to your gaming island, only revealed when you are in the mood for some serious gaming on your PC or gaming console. The unit includes a foldable tabletop, cable management system, cleverly incorporated PC tower storage, side table that doubles as a storage box and shelves. IKEA has included textile accessories including a mousepad, a throw and a rug to make your PC gaming a satisfying experience every time you open the cabinet doors.

The collection comes with a rollable side table with pegboard customizations to keep your handheld device, gadgets controllers, headphones and of course popcorn basket. Other than this, BRÄNNBOLL collection has the option to pick up wall-mounted display shelves to show off your collectibles and merchandise. There’s no word about the pricing or availability of the collection, but it is expected to be slated to be released in September this year. We should have more information coming in the months leading up to the release, and we are already excited.