Inventive Intravenous


The Nu-Drip saline bag design is so well designed in such a blatantly obvious way, I’m a little dumbfounded that no one has ever thought of it before. Saline bags come with various paraphernalia that really don’t add to the portability of the solution. You tend to associate the saline bag with that cumbersome metal pole upon which it hangs. In no way does that appear even remotely functional to me.

The Nu-Drip saline bag gets rid of that metal eyesore and takes on a more unique design that goes around your neck like a neck pillow. At first glance it looks like a wonderful solution, and I’d be very interested in knowing how feasible it is from a medical standpoint. I’m sure you would too!

Designers: Wang Yu-Chi and Huang Yu-Man.






  • Daranrat says:

    Such a great idea!

  • Peter says:

    When using a IV drip they typically have an injection port to add other drugs. Having the dual sides means it might not have an even mix.
    The other issue is the bags are usually packed together and the open donut space would not necessarily pack as efficiently.
    On a prone patient you would still need the IV stand to get the gravity drop.

    Having said all that for some elderly and recovering chair bound it might have a potential benefit if you can keep them from squashing and applying pressure to the bag.

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