This Jeep inspired outdoor speaker plays your music and lights up your path!

Inspiration can be found anytime, anywhere. Designers seem to be crossing all boundaries, venturing into unchartered territories in the hope of discovering something that could lead to the creation of a one of a kind product. In a journey much like this, Korean designers Yubin Choi and Ilhyun Kwon found themselves sourcing inspiration from the automobile industry… you won’t believe – for a Bluetooth speaker! In their desire to create a speaker that wasn’t subject to the constraints of the environment, they ended up drawing inspiration from the versatile ‘Jeep’. The Jeep was created keeping in mind it should be a vehicle that enables us to enjoy the road without any hesitation, even in the harshest environment! Equipped with a rigid frame, strong and durable, the Jeep is at the mercy of no environmental or climatic conditions (except maybe a tornado). Based on the brand value and functionality provided by the Jeep, the ‘Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker’ was brought into existence.

Waterproof as well as dustproof, the Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is guaranteed to stand sturdy and stout in any situation. Shaped like the front end of a Jeep, it possesses an imposing and rugged appearance. Boasting an aluminum frame, the speaker is surrounded by a hardy bumper, which provides full protection to the product against major elements including dust, sand, and splashes. Two round headlamps, imitating the headlights of the Jeep, hold integrated LED lights that can light up even the darkest of paths, ensuring that the users can venture into the outdoors comfortably. The clips at the top of the product allow it to be easily placed or latched onto any clothing item, backpack or tent. Much like the Jeep wherein it’s individual parts like the doors and the sunroof can be easily removed, parts of the speaker can be replaced if they undergo any damage or scratches. Available in a variety of colors, the parts can be changed according to the user’s preference and mood! It’s an opportunity for all Jeep enthusiasts to extend their love for the automobile to their choice of audio product as well. Much like a mini Jeep or a Jeep-minion, I’m sure it’s something all Jeep loyalists would love to get their hands on!

In an attempt to merge automotive, audio and tech, it seems Choi and Kwon have created a multifunctional and exceedingly unique product. In an age where everyone is afraid to carry their fragile Bluetooth speakers around, they have provided us with a rugged and not to mention visually pleasing option! Good music on your next camping trip? The Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker guarantees that!

Designers: Yubin Choi and Ilhyun Kwon