Top 10 3D printed designs to provide sustainability advocates a boost of inspiration

At Yanko Design, we believe in constantly innovating, creating, and evolving. It’s a philosophy that serves as a lifeline for us, and one of the results of this lifeline is the YD x KeyShot Inspiration Hub! The Inspiration Hub is our ‘ever-expanding encyclopedia’ of design work for you to participate in, to inspire designers, and to get inspired by. Created in collaboration with KeyShot, the Inspiration Hub is your one-stop space for inspiration where designers like you can submit your impressive designs and be awarded to stand out in the crowd and to inspire other like-minded designers.

To kickstart your journey and send some motivation your way, we’ve curated some of our favorite 3D-printed from the Inspiration Hub. These unique and uber-cool 3D-printed designs will motivate you to create something spectacular and submit the design, as a gateway to sharing it with the best of the design world. Additionally, we will also be picking our favorite Design of the Week, Design of the Month, and Design of the Year – every week, month, and year from the submissions on the Inspiration Hub. Keep an eye on our Instagram page and the Inspiration Hub to see if your design gets picked. Fingers crossed!

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1. Karen Ultralight

Visualized by Anima Design for Katahashi Instruments, the Karen Ultralight is a dynamic and uber-cool-looking electric violin that features a relatively hollow body and dumps the traditional wooden acoustic chambers. It features a 3D-printed generative frame that sits on a carbon fiber body, with a birchwood fingerboard for an even better but still familiar violin-playing experience.

2. The Throne

Designed by Spanish design studio Nagami and To: this 3D-printed toilet is called The Throne and is made up of three parts – a teardrop-shaped body, a double-curved sliding door, and a bucket for solid waste. The various parts of the toilet were printed within three days – pretty quickly! This includes the base and multiple other smaller accessories that were either injection molded or ordered. It also includes an off-the-shelf separation toilet seat to separate urine from solids for composting.

3. The Cryptide Sneaker

The Cryptide 3D Sneaker Sintratec 2

Designed by Stephan Henrich for Sintratec, the Cryptide Sneaker is a pair of full 3D shoes that are laser sintered with a flexible TPE material. The shoes were printed using a Sintratec S2 System 3D printer. The Cryptide features a sole with an open design. The designer said it was made possible by SLS production (Selective Laser Sintering) and a material called Sintratec TPE elastomer.

4. The Polyformer

The Polyformer is made from recycled plastic PET bottles and features an interesting translucent white appearance. Designed by Reiten Cheng, the 3D-printed machine slices up PET bottles, and melts them, turning them into filaments only 1.75 mm in diameter. These recycled plastic threads can then be used in normal 3D printers to create more things, probably with the same distinctive translucent appearance as the Polyformer.


Pearson Lloyd teamed up with 3D-manufacturing studio Batch.Works to create pen pots, trays, and a mobile-phone stand made from discarded food packaging. They created this collection for the office brand Bene, and it is called bFRIENDS. The products were 3D-printed using recycled polylactic acid (PLA) sourced from food packaging by Batch.Works.

6. 3D Printed Chairs

Johannes Steinbauer Office For Design created these 3D-printed seats that can be built without fabrics, springs, and foam, and they still manage to be comfortable and functional. The chairs use rigid prints instead of the usual racks from chairs. The different parts are easy to assemble and disassemble and once it reaches the end of life, you can dispose of the different parts separately and recycle them accordingly. Yes, the chairs are easy to assemble and sustainable – the best of both worlds!

7. 88M Pegasus

Jozeph Forakis and his strategic design agency conceived the world’s first 3D-printed superyacht. It has been equipped with a multitude of sustainability features, and “Tree of Live” as its centerpiece. Called the 88M Pegasus, this is the superyacht of the future. With a layout that renders it completely invisible floating on water, it operates completely emissions-free – making this yacht a pretty drool-worthy one!

8. Cozy Cleo Lamp

Based in Germany, the design studio EveryOtherDay designed this 3D-printed table lamp. It was created using recycled plastic bottles and cardboard. This sustainable product is a fine specimen of circular design and wholly embodies minimalistic design principles. This process involves recycled cardboard being pressed and molded into shape without the use of any kind of additives. It is shredded into pieces by adding water and then pressed into shape by applying 5 tons of pressure using a hydraulic press.

9. The Kelp Mini Clutch

Designed by Julie Koerner, the Kelp Mini Clutch features interesting organic patterns that are based on 3D scans of natural topologies from kelp collected from the Malibu coastline in California. The unique and innovative design not only gives the clutch a rather natural charm but also makes it easier to use. The voids created by the patterns not only let you have a slight view of what’s inside the bag but also make it more lightweight.

10. The Vine Collection

The Vine collection features a variety of interesting  3D-printed products – including a vase-like vessel, basket, bowl, and dish tray that look as if a bunch of wooden rods were twisted and played around with to create pleasing shapes and curves. Designed by fuseproject, the products are quite sustainable and recyclable since no adhesives and extra connecting parts were used to create them. The twisting shapes serve as metaphors for the organic nature of trees that eventually end up as source materials for these products.

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