The unusual geometric modules of this organizer tray add a pop of colour to your desk!

I don’t know about anyone else, but quirky and cute stationery pieces will always have a special place in my heart. I can’t pass a stationery store without finding myself sneaking in for one little snoop. In hindsight, it always seems like a terrible idea when I find my desk cluttered with tidbits I might never even end up using! Sitting and actually organizing my desk? Nah, that’s an option too tedious to even consider.  So, when I discovered designer Jakob Lukosch’s Shaped Tray desk organizer, you can be sure that it tugged right at the strings of my heart!

This modern, multi-piece powder-coated desk organizer is not only super functional but aesthetically pleasing as well. Four trays of varied sizes complement each other, each a contrasting color, but all visibly soothing to the eyes. The versatile sizing of the trays allows for essentials items of all shapes and sizes to be artfully tucked into them. The largest tray is a soft grey, into which the remaining three trays are placed. This has been designed so strategically that no two trays clash, nor is any space wasted. The set features rounded edges and sleek compartments, screaming of minimalism, with a hint of mid-century inspired style.

Simplistic, sleek and coated in lovely harmonious colors that don’t scream for attention, Lukosch’s Shaped Tray desk organizer is something I can surely find myself purchasing without a second doubt for not only will it add some character to my desk, but it will help declutter the constantly rising mess on it!

Designer: Jakob Lukosch