This miniature James Webb Space Telescope DIY model is a must-have for all space-nerds

Goodbye Hubble, you’ve served us well… but the James Webb Space Telescope is now here to look even farther into the future and help us decode the secrets of the mysterious universe. The revolutionary telescope was launched into orbit just this month and is touted to be the largest and most advanced telescope to ever be put in space… in fact, it’s so advanced that it can actually look back in time, with its largest mirrors helping reflect light that’s traveled for 13.7 billion years to reach us. That’s about as old as the universe is, so the telescope can, in theory, help us observe the beginning of the universe.

It seems only fair that a scientific feat this big gets its own merchandise, right? Well, although NASA hasn’t released miniature telescope replicas just yet, Etsy maker Houha Designs created an incredibly detailed scaled-down model of the telescope that you can buy and build from scratch!

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The entire model comes flat-packed, and is laser-cut from sheets of Mat board (or metal-lined paper board) that need to be glued together. The skill level for assembling the telescope is rated between intermediate to advanced, and suitable for ages 14 and up. When completed, the telescope and its oblong hexagonal base will measure 8x5x5 inches overall.

Designer: Houha Designs

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