A pocket-friendly DIY cardboard drum kit to kickstart your music production journey!

“Starting music production can be quite confusing and intimidating. Gears can get expensive. You don’t even know if you’ll be good at it yet to make a serious commitment. What do I need exactly? Which audio workstation software to use? How do I start performing? I mean, what do DJs actually even do?!” These are some of the issues that the guys at Rhythmo know music novices face. They know things can be confusing. Hence, they created the Beatbox.

Beatbox is a build-it-yourself MIDI controller drum kit, camouflaged in the body of a cardboard unit (But Rhythmo promises that this does not compromise your music-making process). It’s a pocket-friendly beat making tool, allowing you to create music at home or on the go. Conceived by Austin based developer Ethan Jin, the Beatbox promises all of the fun, but none of the headache! Power-packed with an on-board amplifier, speaker, sound-packs, and tutorials, it aims to provide you with everything you need to begin your musical journey! Equipped with 30-mm arcade-style buttons, parameter knobs, a multipurpose joystick, and two 50 Watt speakers, the Beatbox can be assembled simply within an hour! The construction process also encourages the learning of practical STEM principles to kids, students or employees. Powered by a 3000 mAh battery pack and Teensy 3.6 dev board, the Beatbox is sure to last for hours.

Designer: Rhythmo

Beatbox by Rhythmo is a DIY MIDI controller hidden kit away in a cardboard unit!

“The music world is a living thing that adapts to fit the needs of musicians,” said Rhythmo founder Ethan Jin. “A downside of this is that it can cater more towards the experts of the community, making the process more exclusive and daunting to a newcomer. We believe that everyone has the potential to make music and we are dedicated to delivering an accessible way to fulfill that potential. No more overcomplicated software and overpriced equipment. We want to give production back to the people.” And this is exactly what Rhythmo has done.

The personalized knobs, buttons, and designs help you create your very own drum machine attuned to your personal taste! An added advantage- it does not involve any soldering. While the recyclable cardboard element ensures that the device is sustainably discarded, the hardware can be preserved for future use.

You can personalize the design according to your taste to create your very own mean music machine!

What makes the BeatBox even more fun is an IOS/Android friendly app providing you hands-on through tutorials. These include various tutorials (including live performance ones) for different styles of music, accompanied by video instructions, ensuring you an all-round musical education! A cost-efficient device that you can make yours and build your own beats with? Well, what are all the music production enthusiasts waiting for!