Futuristic Footwear for the ‘space-age’ showcases an innovative outsole

Like Air Jordans… but for places with no atmosphere.

Designer Denis Agarkov’s thought process behind the ICARUS-4 Space Sneaker is simple. If we’re going to get humans into space, shouldn’t we also have an extraplanetary sense of design to match? The ICARUS-4 are conceptual sneakers for zero-gravity lifestyles… Designed for astronauts to provide maximum flexibility during repairs and maintenance, but cool-looking enough to be a universal fashion statement, the ICARUS-4 comes with a unique aesthetic that’s equal parts suited for a spacewalk and a ramp-walk. You’re looking at a shoe that sports an Ortho-Fabric body (the kind found on EMU suits) and a metal clasp to secure the footwear, with luminescent markers to allow you to wear the shoe in low-light conditions. The most interesting detail, however, is the shoe’s two-part sole design. The frontal half of the shoe sports a foam outsole, while the heel uses a rubber-ball outsole, both designed to help absorb shock while walking, running, jumping, and landing. Underneath the outsoles also lie powerful induction magnets that help the astronaut magnetically adhere to the hull of a ship while walking/working. Switch them on to stick to metallic hulls, and switch them off while performing backflips on the moon… or in a game of cosmic basketball – whichever situation seems more appropriate.

Designer: Denis Agarkov