OhSnap the magnetic, one-finger phone grip you’ll actually love


Phones are enormous, expensive, and fragile. That’s enough to make any industrial designer wonder why smartphones of today aren’t designed to be easy to grip? Somewhere between the telephones of yesteryear, and the large bricks we try and grip today, we’ve completely forgotten about ergonomic design… and since it’s impossible for smartphones to have handles, and also since pop-sockets are an absolute visual nightmare, here’s the OhSnap, a sleek tool built to complement the sleek frame of your smartphone, but also to give it the gripping ability you deserve.

OhSnap sits directly on the back of any smartphone, with its 3mm thick profile being barely noticeable. Press the center of the OhSnap and the band/handle instantly warps outwards to give you something to grip onto. The otherwise-flat handle assumes a horse-shoe shape, making it easy to hold, or even use as a prop-stand to dock your phone at an angle. You can even go a step further by taking the two ends of the handle and looping them together to form a ring that you can slide your finger into, giving you the ability to hold onto that mammoth of a smartphone as you text with one hand. The loop even rotates so you can use the OhSnap with your left or right hand, in both landscape and portrait mode… or you can just twirl your phone around like a fidget spinner because obviously that’s what most people will end up doing!

The OhSnap’s ability to provide function when needed and recede into the background when wanted is what makes it a superior grip. It slides up and down, letting you reach upper and lower parts of your touchscreen with ease, and the main unit slides out too, for when you want to place your smartphone on a wireless charger. At just 3mm thin, the OhSnap lets you easily slip your phone in and out of your pockets without any hassle, while its ability to be used as a stand or looped for one-hand usage just gives your smartphone the one physical feature it was truly lacking for the past decade… and if that wasn’t enough to seal the deal, the OhSnap is magnetic too, so you can even snap it onto a metal surface like a fridge, locker, gym equipment, or car-mount. I’m not entirely sure how we humans even lived without this accessory.

Designer: Dale Backus

Click Here to Buy Now: $19 $25 (20% off).

Ohsnap: The Phone Grip That Is A Premium Phone Grip

Ohsnap is a non-invasive, ultra-thin, magnetic, one-finger phone grip that makes it simple and easy to use your phone, no matter the circumstance.

Ohsnap provides incredible utility while remaining so sleek and thin that you won’t even notice it’s there until you need it.

Ohsnap Features

Grip: Pressing the center circle of the Ohsnap releases the finger band. Use the “U” shape as a grip or connect the ends together to make a complete loop. With a finger through the loop, phone drops are next to impossible.

Close-up view of hook engagement and strength.

Kickstand: Ohsnap can be used as a snap-up kickstand. Watch videos hands-free at the best viewing angle.

Magnetic: Utilize magnetic surfaces like refrigerators, workout machinery, and magnetic car grips to place your somewhere convenient while you multi-task.

Rotation: Whether you’re capturing content or playing it back, switching between portrait and landscape mode is easy thanks to the Ohsnap’s 360 degrees of constant friction rotation.

Slide: Ohsnap allows you to reach every inch on your phone by sliding up and down.

Slim Design: Get a more secure grip on your phone while you’re using it, and easily slide it in your pocket or pocket book when you’re not. Ohsnap is less than 3mm thick.

Car Mount Compatible: Sticks to EXISTING magnetic car mounts. Say goodbye to complex enormous car mounts and phones sliding in the dreaded seat crack.

Wireless Charging Compatible: Easily slide out the frame for convenient wireless charging!

Comfortable: The snap band is coated in silky smooth silicone and feels great to hold.

Premium Materials: Aircraft-grade aluminum, steel, and satiny silicone, resulting in a premium feel and ultimate reliability.


Click Here to Buy Now: $19 $25 (20% off).