AI-Powered Gadget Lets You Instantly Speak 36 Different Languages and Understand 88 Accents

RIP Duolingo Owl… You won’t be missed.

Learning new languages is tough because you need to learn different aspects of the language – you need to learn the script so you can read, you need to learn the language itself so you can speak, and you need to learn the accent of the native speaker, so you can understand. This entire process can take years even with proper training and practice – and let’s just face it, it just isn’t worth the trouble for a 2-week holiday or a 2-day business trip. Sure, you could fire the Google Translator app every time you need it, but it lacks elegance, and it won’t work flawlessly without an internet connection. This right here is a problem that the folks at Timekettle have devoted their entire time and attention to, having developed award-winning TWS earbuds that can actively translate two-way conversations – often without the internet. The barrier with TWS earbuds, however, was that they didn’t focus on one important aspect of a new language – the script. The Fluentalk T1 Mini hopes to elegantly solve that problem. Styled somewhat like a smartphone, the T1 Mini is a compact, affordable, handheld translator device with a touchscreen, a camera, a microphone, a speaker system, and a built-in AI that actively translates almost any language in real-time with the push of a button… whether it’s in the form of audio or imagery.

Designer: Timekettle Design

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In a foreign country but don’t speak the language? Meeting foreign investors but worried about the communication barrier? The Fluentalk T1 Mini is your handheld translator device, helping you understand both speech as well as text anywhere, and often without an internet connection too. Designed to be a dedicated translator device that works using the power of AI and multiple translation engines working together, the Fluentalk T1 Mini can handle translating as many as 36 languages across 88 different accents, both ways… with 13 of those languages having offline support as well. With a simple one-button operation, the T1 Mini records dialogues and transcribes them, translating them into the language of your choice. You can then respond in your native language and the T1 Mini translates that too, converting your response into text as well as speech. Trying to understand signboards, posters, menus, or traffic signs in a foreign language? The T1 Mini’s 5MP camera actively photo-translates as many as 39 languages, allowing you to read foreign scripts without needing to learn the language.

One-button Operation – One-button translation with automatic source and target language recognition based on your preset languages, eliminating the need for separate buttons for each language.

Instant Activation – With a quick start-up time, T1 mini is always ready to go, ensuring you have access to high-quality translations whenever you need them.

About the size of a Credit Card, the Fluentalk T1 Mini was designed for the avid traveler, the expat, and even the business jetsetter looking to navigate a new country or culture on the fly. You can essentially be a global citizen without needing to spend time learning or decoding a language, and just in case you’re in a bit of a kerfuffle, communicating with locals or the local police couldn’t be easier. The device comes with a 2.8-inch screen that’s perfectly calibrated for your daily translation needs, and is designed to work seamlessly without you needing to fire an app, wait for it to load, and then begin working. Fluentalk’s built-in translation engine works with a stunning 0.5-second lag and a 95% accuracy rate, offering real-time translation that surpasses the most top-of-the-line translation engines. Dual microphones also offer ENC noise cancellation so you could use the T1 Mini in traffic, in a noisy neighborhood, inside a restaurant or cafe, at an airport, or even on the plane amidst the chatter of other people. “It’s your go-to travel companion for hotel check-ins, reservations, and other travel necessities,” highlight the folks at Timekettle.

Understand local maps!

Explain your emergency situation with ease.

Communicate with the local authorities with confidence.

The beauty of the Fluentalk T1 Mini lies in the fact that it’s not an app, it’s not an earbud, and it’s not a concept. It’s a handheld device that’s compact enough to slide right into your pocket, and be a whole lot more useful than any translation app on your phone. Fluentalk’s stunningly fast and accurate translation engine does one thing and does it supremely well. You could be having a conversation with a taxi driver, a hotel concierge, or even a waiter at a restaurant and the T1 Mini seamlessly fills in the gaps, allowing you to have a perfect conversation with a stranger… without needing to learn the language. The presence of photo translation makes the T1 Mini even more useful, helping you decode signs and signboards, understand menus, and figure out foreign scripts and languages everywhere you go. The Fluentalk T1 Mini weighs a mere 86 grams or 3 ounces (that’s less than half the weight of your average smartphone), and is powered by a 1500mAh battery that charges via USB-C and gives you 7 days of use on a full charge. The device starts at $149.99 (use coupon Code “YANKOTMK” to get an exclusive 20% off), and Fluentalk provides 1 full year of free global data, after which standard internet charges apply… or just hook onto a WiFi network and you’re good to go!

Click Here to Buy Now: $119.99 $149.99 (20% off with coupon Code “YANKOTMK”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!