Nike-inspired electric skateboard designed to charge while being carried in it’s backpack!

In today’s day and age, Skateboarding is not only considered a sport but a recreational activity, an art form and a method of transportation! It’s turned into a trend that is taking over the millennial world. With the popularity this action sport is gaining, it’s no shocker that designers are coming up with more and more advanced concepts for skateboards. One such concept is by South Korean industrial designer Jaehyuk Lim. He says “A lot of people [are] using Personal Mobility. But when you [are] not using Personal Mobility, it’s very hard to carry around. I designed the Personal mobility device, which is easy to carry and charge at the same time.”

Lim believes that skateboards are efficient devices of personal mobility, but when not in use, riders are relegated to carrying them around in their hands, which can be quite tiresome. Hence, he came up with the concept of the Nike Electric Cruiser Board; an electric personal transportation device that is user-friendly and easy to carry around. The board comes along with a “Cruiser backpack” where you can dock the board once it is not in use. The backpack “recharges the board”, prepping it for your next skateboarding adventure! So, instead of carrying around these heavy boards in your arms, they can now rest (and recharge) in a comfy and might I add super stylish backpack!

Sleek with a futuristic appeal, the Electric Cruiser is embossed in black and white, but it also comes in a darker grey color. The wheels are slighter larger and more grooved than your usual skateboard wheels, but that will only allow smoother transportation from one spot to another. Boasting Nike’s iconic Swoosh on several spots including the center of the wheels, at the nose of the skateboard and on the center of the board platform, this Nike Cruiser Board concept is a device I’m sure all skateboarding enthusiasts would love to get their hands on someday!

Designer: Jaehyuk Lim