A Circular Oasis For Pedestrians That Does Not Disrupt Traffic!

London 2019; a hub of bustling streets and dynamic people with a constant influx of traffic. Set right in the middle of this mayhem is Paul Cocksedge’s ‘Please Be Seated’. The large-scale outdoor installation has been built in Broadgate, one of London’s many neighborhoods, for the London Design Festival 2019. Cocksedge transformed Finsbury Avenue Square, enhancing London’s largest pedestrianized neighborhood, by creating this piece of street furniture. He went on to say, “It walks the line between a craft object and a design solution. It occupies the square without blocking it.” The installation was created from a steel structure and capped by scaffolding planks. The designer collaborated with Essex-based high-end interiors company White and White to ensure maximum and efficient utilization of the building wood. He believes the installation is tailored to its environment as well as the function it serves. It showcases high and low curves, which rise up to create places to sit supported by backrests, as well as space for people to walk and find some shade.

Commissioned by British Land themselves, the piece ‘responds to the changing rhythm of the community” according to the London Design Festival. Although the festival ended on 22nd September, the installation is open to the public until 11th October! So if you find yourself ambling around in Broadgate, stop by “Please Be Seated” for a quick rest and a breather from the hustle of the city life!

Designer: Paul Cocksedge