Mouse Pen?

Flattery is going to get you everywhere Mr Marcial Ahsayane, and I love the way you describe this concept project as a standard mouse that can be used as pen sensor for specific design works such as designing this entry for Yanko! Hugs! Shifting focus to the “eVouse”, this one is meant for your laptops and iPads and flits effortlessly between being a mouse and a pen sensor for specific design works.

“The design of the mouse is a mix between a classic mouse and a tablet pc. The actions buttons and the scroll are tactile. It becomes illuminated by green light in every action movement as a feedback for its use. In fact, eVouse is, like the Minotaur, a design with body of a mouse and the head and tail of an optical pen.”

Designer: Marcial Ahsayane



eVouse – Concept mouse by Marcial Ahsayane