Your polyester sportswear is ruining the environment, and it’s time that changed

The guys behind the Runamics stumbled across a pretty strange and worrying fact. Your synthetic polyester sports and gym-wear has pretty far and wide-reaching consequences. With each wash, small plastic fibers dislodge from your garment, finding their way eventually to the oceans. These are then consumed by the marine life there, which eventually finds its way to your plate of fish or seafood. That’s why the guys at Runamics felt it was time to redesign sports and gym-wear… because these clothes may promote a healthy lifestyle for you, but they should be healthy for the earth too.

Runamics’ sports and gym gear rely on a material that’s as functional as poly-fibres like polyester, but doesn’t contain synthetic materials. The hybrid bio-fabric uses a blend of merino wool (known for its softness and breathability) and Tencel, an Austrian fabric developed using eucalyptus pulp (comfortable, anti-odor, anti-bacterial, and thermo-regulating). Together, these two fibers make up a functional hero-team. They wick perspiration effectively and keep your body cool and odor-free while working out, but remain a 100% natural and nature-derived.

The sportswear series developed by Runamics is currently limited to a sports upper and a pair of drawstring shorts with a rubber/cotton elastic band. There’s additionally a pair of tights that also integrate Spandex in absolutely minimal amounts, but overall all of Runamics’ apparel is anywhere from 90% to a 100% natural, sustainable, and cruelty free. Designed to encourage you to work out more, knowing that you’re not passively contributing to plastic pollution, Runamics is designed to keep both you as well as our marine ecosystem fit!

Designer: Lena Rix

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RUNAMICS – Minimal Plastic Running Gear

Functional alternative to plastic running gear – fighting the Microplastic epidemic by making running gear that is minimal in its plastic usage, lightweight, anti-microbial, and temperature regulating.

Why Plastic is Not the Best Idea for Sports Gear?

Almost 100% of sports gear available is made of pure plastic. Plastic means the fibres are fully synthetic, made of melted plastic granulate typically from crude oil and a wild mix of other chemicals. The most commonly known plastic fabrics are Polyester, Nylon (aka Polyamide), Polypropylene, or Elastan (aka Spandex).

There are 3 major downsides of plastic textiles.

1) Microplastic – It´s produced when you wash your running gear in the washing machine. Millions and millions of pounds are floating in our oceans. Synthetic textiles are one of the main polluters.
2) Non-biodegradability – Plastic stays alive for centuries and does not dissolve easily. Third, toxicity. Scientists have highlighted the toxic impact of plastic in the ocean.
3) Doesn’t seem to be the smartest thing to wear on your sweaty body while working out right!

Minimal Plastic – Minimal Footprint – Happy Running

For the first collection the team is replacing plastic fibres with great natural and non-harmful chemical fibres: Merino wool and Tencel Lyocell.

Merino Wool is the most functional natural fibre for active usage. It’s fibres are very fine and super soft, it can perfectly deal with different temperatures and moisture. With its antimicrobial strengths, bad odor doesn’t stick to it like cheap polyester fabrics.

Tencel Lyocell fibre is a modern viscose that is wood based (eucalyptus, beech trees). It is produced by the Austrian manufacturer Lenzing. In some ways it performs similar to Merino wool, but 2 specific strengths are its softness and its cooling effect. Together, Merino and Tencel are an unbeatable team.

The Collection

The collection consists of 4 pieces. The lightweight knitted shirt, the woven short, and the knitted tights in long and short. While the shirt and short are made with 100% non-plastic fibres, the tights still need a tiny touch of Elastan to be strong and flexible (less than 10%).

– The Tee Shirt is 50% Tencel Lyocell 50% Merino Wool with Cotton Label
– The Running Shorts is 100% Tencel Lyocell
– The Running Tights (Long and Short) are Tencel Lyocell + Merino Wool + Plastic (Less than 10%)

The cords used are made of 100% Tencel. The elastic waistbands are made of natural rubber and organic cotton. Label tags are made of woven cotton. We use screen printing with water based colors for the logo prints.

After coming home from your run you can simply put the gear on a hanger and hang it into the window. Let the air do the rest. It’s Fast drying and the odor vanishes. You don’t have to wash this gear as often as your plastic gear. That’s good for the textile, good for the environment, and saves you work. Thanks Merino for the epic antimicrobial goodness!

Colors: olive green or anthracite-black

Shirt and tights are sewn with high quality flat lock seams. This means they lay flat on your skin and will not chaff.

Eco-Conscious without the Sacrifice

The fabric combination offers many perks, fast drying being one of the best.

Wouldn’t be a good running shirt if it didn’t vaporize that sweat, now would it?

The 50/50 blend of Merino Wool and Tencel Lyocell is woven into a super lightweight fabric.

The magic of Merino Wool. Keeps you cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cool.

Click Here to Buy Now: $54 $72 (24% off).