This multi-lens point-and-shoot is for people who want the iPhone’s camera, but not the iPhone

Born out of necessity, according to designer Dennis Sedov, the C4 camera is for people who’d love to own a camera as versatile as the one on the iPhone, without shelling out over $999 to buy one. Fashioned in midnight green, just like its inspiration, the C4 is a pocketable point-and-shoot that you can carry along with your phone. With 5 different lenses to shoot with, you’ve got a choice between focal lengths of 13mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 90mm (much like having a DSLR with lens attachments). A nifty scroll wheel on the front (giving the C4 the appearance of an iPad Shuffle) lets you focus on a subject, scroll through lenses, and even navigate through the gallery of photos you’ve clicked on the camera. You’ve also got a pretty powerful flash sitting right in the center of all those lenses, brightening up your photos with a professional touch! Designed as a concept to bridge the gap between DSLRs (that have multiple interchangeable lenses) and phone cameras (that are portable), the C4 is a pocketable camera that gives you absolute photography props without needing to own a fancy, expensive phone… or an expensive camera with even more expensive additional lens kits!

Designer: Dennis Sedov