These clever salad tongs can lock into one another to turn into a handy citrus-juicer

It’s admittedly not the most obvious idea ever, but now that I look at Peleg‘s Juicepair salad tongs, I can’t help but wonder why nobody’s ever designed them like this before?! The tongs come with an interlocking design that turns them into a handly citrus-juicer when joined together. However, when you’re done drizzling your salad with lemon juice, just pull the tongs apart into two spoons and toss your greens with them!

The Juicepair’s 2-in-1 design makes it handy during use as well as while storing them. When interlocked, it’s easy to stash them in the drawer without worrying about one of them going missing, and while in use, the dual-purpose design makes the tongs the perfect set of tools for juicing citrus fruits, tossing/stirring food, or even serving up tasty meals.

Obviously, you’re not limited to just salads. You could use the Juicepair to generously season your pasta with some citrus before tossing/stirring too… or while making yourself some incredibly hearty salsa or guacamole!

Designer: Dar Stern Peleg Design