The Neckpacker 2.0 travel jacket has its own integrated neck pillow, eye-mask and iPad-sleeve

The All Black Hybrid Jacket Neckpacker 2.0 (aka Neckpacker 2.0) may look like a jacket to the untrained eye, but I’d like you to think of it as a piece of luggage that you can wear… and even sleep in. Now while that description might not make sense at first, I promise to take you through what may just be the most revolutionary piece of travel apparel I’ve ever seen. With the Neckpacker 2.0, you can literally travel empty-handed, ditching your carry-on bag, complete with your neck-pillow, eye-mask, and all your other travel accouterments… because this jacket literally has 8 pockets (including one that’s big enough to fit a tablet), and comes fitted with its very own eye-mask and inflatable neck-pillow. Once you’ve worn the Neckpacker 2.0, you’re ready to travel with everything you need right on you, from your passport, kindle, and wallet, to your peace of mind, thanks to the Neckpacker’s ability to let you comfortably lull off to sleep on those long plane or bus journeys.

The Neckpacker 2.0 was designed to be the biggest weapon in a traveler’s arsenal. Crafted as a highly functional piece of classic outerwear, the Neckpacker looks like a classy travel jacket, but is so much more. 8 pockets on the outside and the inside let you carry individual items that you’d normally stash in a backpack, making the Neckpacker literally a backpack that you wear as clothing. An inner pocket lets you store a tablet like an iPad or Kindle, keeping it concealed, while outer pockets are perfect for your wallet, phone, boarding pass, headphones, keys, or even a sandwich if you like. The jacket’s designed to be breathable yet waterproof and windproof, allowing you to stay cool in the heat and warm in cold, windy climates, and dry throughout. The hoodie is extra large, not just completely shielding your face from the rain, but also from the sun. In fact, it even goes as far as becoming an eye-mask for you as you travel, giving you complete darkness as you catch a few winks while traveling. Speaking of catching a few winks, the Neckpacker 2.0’s pièce de résistance is its neck pillow, a flat, inflatable pillow that you can zip to attach or detach on the inside of the hoodie.

The Neckpacker 2.0’s neck pillow really deserves its own paragraph. Designed to be there when you need it, and be either flat-packed or detached when you don’t, the inflatable pillow just gives you the extra mile of comfort as you rack in those miles. An innovative hand-pump allows you to inflate or deflate the neck-pillow, so you don’t really have to blow into it like a fool, while the pillow’s design is optimized to expand around the contours of your neck, not just giving you a cushion to rest your head on, but also adjusting to fit your ergonomic requirements, so you get sound sleep without the sore neck afterwards. Moreover, the Neckpacker’s fabric is designed to be soft, and also help regulate your body temperature, keeping you cool and collected as you sleep against the neck pillow, with the eye-mask drawn over your eyes, and all your belongings right at arms length. Told you, the Neckpacker 2.0 is a piece of luggage that you can wear… and even sleep in. Makes sense now, doesn’t it?

The All Black Hybrid Jacket Neckpacker 2.0 isn’t just a product I wish I had. It’s a product I wish every single one of my co-travelers had too. Imagine a world where your co-passengers are less talkative, more relaxed, not constantly leaning on your shoulder as they try to catch a few winks, and mist importantly, not getting up all the time to pull their bag out of the overhead locker because their book or iPad is inside it. Imagine a world where traveling was actually peaceful. I’d love to live in that world.

Designer: Niklas Kuusela

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $260 (50% Off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!

All Black Hybrid Jacket by Neckpacker 2.0

Sleeping comfort on-the-go when you need it. Outdoor and city jacket for when you need it.

This innovative jacket features an inflatable inner hood and unique strap-system. You can use both the hoods when traveling by train, planes or automobiles, to get a comfortable, uninterrupted sleep.

The four straps help you to find your hood-fit. This combo of support generates an incredibly weightless sensation for your head and neck.

The perfect hybrid between travel and everyday jacket.

Eight functional pockets for your belongings.

The Hybrid Jacket is – breathable, lightweight, waterproof and windproof, and with YKK zippers.

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $260 (50% Off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!