Origami-inspired product designs that will simply transform your lifestyle!

You have to love origami for the creative freedom and empowerment it gives to humble materials like paper and leather. Using simple, intuitive yet strengthening techniques, origami is like a shot of superhero juice that transforms these products into super-products that fold, hold heavy weights and basically challenge your perception of the capability of that material! And let’s not forget, all this is happening under the beautiful and minimal approach ushered in by the nation that designed origami in the first place, Japan. So get ready to watch and be awed by this collection of designs that will surely transform and find a place in your everyday lives!

With the Imagiro, the carpet isn’t just a carpet anymore, but instead is an imagination-fueled origami art-installation that decorates your home (or even a hotel/retail space) in all three dimensions, displayed as a part of the Wayon showcase by EINA University of Design, Barcelona.

When packaged, the Fold wallet comes as an open, unfolded piece of leather, secured to a packaging board that also contains the instructions to assemble the wallet together. With two simple fasteners, the Fold wallet comes together, transforming from a flat piece of leather to an incredibly useful, classy, zero-compromise wallet that’s sure to spark conversation by Lemur Design.

The Polygons is the origami-like measuring spoon that lays flat and folds to 4 different sizes to fit your cooking and baking needs by Rahul Agarwal.

Crafted from environmentally friendly PVC and PP, the FODI is a nifty little stand for your tablet and smartphone. When flat, it measures a cool 1mm thick and uses the powers of Origami to fold open into a convenient stand that lets you dock your smartphone or tablet onto it at a convenient angle for watching videos, movies, or just regular video-chatting by Kade Chan & Kiho Satoshi.

This technique takes a spin on the everyday mechanism of contracting and stretching an origami structure to turn on the light! Designed by Yael Akirav, this ‘conductive origami’ came to life by 3D printing the conducting filament on fabrics.

The Bone Aid is a simple flat-packed board with a printed folding guide. The guide allows it to be folded in three different ways, making it an effective cast for elbows, legs or ankles by Yu-Chi Wang.

The Omotenasino Otomo employ an Origami-esque pattern, and their innovation lies in the treatment of the paper, which makes these dishes infinitely washable and reusable.

The pop-up booster for Bombol is the first fold and store away booster seat for toddlers. The pop-up is comprised of an origami structure which is incredibly strong and safe. How strong? The pop-up met both the international safety standard for boosters and even the standard for adult furniture, which meant pounding it with a 75kg weight over 20,000 times – and it still didn’t break, designed by Frederic Gooris for Bombol.

3box is a series of foldable boxes, which size and function can be adjusted by scaling the triangular 2d mesh by King Kong Design.

Setting out to design a motorbike that is indicative of Japan’s culture, spirit, and aesthetic, Artem and Vladimir designed the Motorbike for Great Japan. The motorbike’s design makes use of planar surfaces, reminiscent of samurai uniforms, and a body with an origami-inspired form.