A case worthy for the iPhone X


It’s a challenge, cladding something as beautiful as the iPhone X with a case. Not many people would, because there’s a beauty to the Apple flagship that a case will only destroy, but I highly recommend that you do (if you’re one of the millions waiting in queue for your handset), because let’s remember the phone is made primarily of glass, which if a phone is dropped on its corners, will shatter without warning, and of Aluminum which scratches easier than Apple would like you to believe. If you want your $1000 phone to continue staying beautiful, a case is the only way to go, and what’s better than a clear case?

Nomad’s Clear Folio case for the iPhone X is every bit as premium and amazing as the smartphone itself. The case itself is clear, showing off your iPhone in pretty much all its glory, while protecting it from accidental, painful breaks. It also comes with a folio flap made of the finest leather from Horween Leather Co., one of America’s oldest leather tanneries still operational to date. The vegetable tanned leather flap comes with slots that can hold up to 6 cards and cash, making your iPhone X even more priceless than it already is! Plus, the case is as limited edition (if not infinitely more) than the iPhone X. Only 20 cases remain in stock, so you better grab yours soon!

Designer: Nomad