Self-cleaning travel T-shirts with HercFibér, kicks the need for laundry and helps you travel light

The future of fashion is no laundry, and to help endorse this is the Apollo Self-Cleaning T-shirts. Made from fabric that has been created by material scientists – it is the first time we are see it being incorporated into a travel tee-shirt. With airlines getting stringent on baggage weight limits – even Emirates has cut down the limit – it only makes sense to change the way we pack our clothes, by eliminating unnecessary clothes.

We all know that bacteria, sweat and the elements cause us to go through several clothes during a trip – but if one element – like the tee that we carry, can be modified, we can end up saving a lot of space, as well as cut down our laundry pile.

HercFibér was created by material scientists and the team has worked over two years on this travel T-Shirt. This new material is able to fight bacteria and can destroy almost all smell causing bacteria within a 24-hour timeframe.

The Apollo T-shirt would probably get Steve Jobs’ approval, given that he made wearing Tees to work, the norm.

Designer: Wenizzy

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The Apollo – Self-cleaning Travel T-shirt with 25 Benefits

First of its kind that never has to be washed but instead just rinsed off to clean off the dirt and dead skin cells and hung up so you can re-wear it for as many days as you’d like.

Made specifically for ultra-light travelers, you’re free to travel the world with just 1 shirt for 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, or even 1 lifetime.

Made with HercFibér

HercFibér is a unique material they created that blends together three different fibers to get the exact features they desired. These materials are put together in a unique combination to create a material that is perfect for travel.

The self-cleaning works thanks to biology. Read below.

Most materials act as a petri dish for bacteria; helping smell-causing bacterias to grow in the fiber while they feed on your sweat. The more time and sweat, the more bacteria grow on the material and releases increasingly worse odor.

HercFibér’s unique blend of fibers grows bacteria very slowly while you’re wearing it, but once you take it off, it starts cleaning itself by killing the smell-causing bacteria and so by the morning, it smells clean again.

Unlike cotton and other materials that keep on growing bacteria until it turns to mold/mildew, Apollo’s material does the opposite, by actively getting rid of the bacteria.

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Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $100 ($41 off).