Sutro’s floating pool-monitor lets you measure your pool’s alkalinity and chlorine levels

I imagine having a backyard pool is much more complicated than just pouring water into a pit. It needs to be periodically cleaned, chlorine-regulated, pH moderated, etc. Sutro’s Pool Monitor floats around your pool like a miniature buoy, keeping track of the water’s composition. It beams all this data right to your phone, allowing you to manage your pool efficiently. The floating monitor comes with a month-long battery life, and shares data to your phone, letting you know your pool’s pH level, chlorine level, and even the water’s temperature should you choose to use the Pool Monitor in a hot-tub. The Pool Monitor works even with pool-covers on, allowing you to use it throughout the year, and its partnership with a network of pool-maintenance companies lets you simply take charge of your pool by clicking a button to order the right materials and tools for your pools!

Designer: Sutro