Polaroid’s new pocket-printer prints water-resistant images that you can stick on walls & lockers!

Your smartphone clicks the most amazing pictures of a device its size… now Polaroid’s smartphone-sized printer can realize them in full color, while also ensuring they’re water-resistant. The Polaroid Hi-Print is the company’s latest pocket printer, and its first dye-sublimation printer – a technology that allows you to get better, clearer, more professional looking prints than most standard Zero-Ink pocket printers out there.

The Polaroid Hi-Print uses the dye-sublimation process to create vivid, fade-proof prints, with all-in-one ink+paper cartridges. It then uses heat to ‘seal’ the inks, creating a print that’s water-resistant too (all this happens in under a minute). Just feed your image into the Hi-Print and out slides a printed sheet once it’s ready. The Hi-Print’s cartridges last for 20 prints (and so does the printer’s internal battery), and the paper even comes with a peel-off layer at the back that reveals an adhesive side, allowing you to stick your prints anywhere.

The Hi-Print allows for truly photo-quality prints, with edge-to-edge printing. It gives you the freedom to choose, edit, and finalize photos before you print them, deviating from the ‘in-the-moment’ nature of Polaroid’s cameras, and even giving you the freedom to print images you couldn’t before like notes or screenshots. Plus with its wireless nature and compact design, you can carry your professional studio in your pockets, clicking with one device and printing out the other!

Designer: Polaroid