Levitating Table

Designed with eyes on the future, this striking table was inspired by the Maglev train’s use of magnetic technology and applies the same levitating principles to a functional, futuristic dining table. Using an electromagnetic suspension system, the table levitates above a steel plate while electromagnets attached to the table are oriented toward the plate from below. The user can easily change table height by adjusting the strength of the magnetic field.

Designer: Yana Christiaens


  • Quintin Smits says:

    Waste of energy (need an electromagnet to be able to adjust it) and quite dangerous (What happens when the power is cut? Try using metal objects on it; pens, scissors, magnetic storage?).

    Interesting as an art project, but really unusable… Just like the floating bed…

  • Giorgio Betge says:

    The idea to levitate a table is interesting. I don’t like however the strong magnetic field among my legs ecc… which might be a health hasard.

  • led says:

    if a baby goes under the table… i’m already scare..lol

  • Jim Graves says:

    Brilliant! I saw this about 15 years ago in a high end gift shop. It was a 5 inch, levitating sphere over an oval stand. You have come a very long way. The cautions issued by the other persons are useful. Consider the solutions to them. My guess is that you have thought about this as a final project. If so, you do not know where this is going. Want to know? I know!


  • james zhang says:

    I want to order one

  • Boxhead says:

    Oh thats great… my computer, my plasma television, my metal cultlry, my mobile, my car keys… I know a great idea. A huge giant electro magnet in the centre of the room powerful enough to lift a table (and assume any wieght on it). God forbid someone actuall sits on the table :O

    In many cases, no one cares whats underneath a table. Cause its funny, even the pictures show most of the mechanism is in shadows, which means its not even in the natural line of sight of a human being.

  • trimtab21 says:

    lighten up everyone – it’s a hoax. of course all of the dangers commented would be real and without solution. and besides, mag-lev trains only levitate a few centimeters.

  • Vinay Bangale says:

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  • Pat says:

    For a maglev coffee table that works and that you can buy go to sirendesignstudios.co

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