This professional photography centric smartphone boasts powerful camera sensors

Taking smartphone photography to the next level comes with its own set of physical constraints, like accommodating enough space for the sensor to be fitted. Mobile camera lens accessories do bring professional photography to your pocket with the option of dedicated telephoto, macro or wide-angle shooters.

But if you want to have a set of pro-grade lenses on the device without depending on third-party accessories, there are virtually no good options. Perhaps the perfect time for a phone concept to shine through.

Designer: Cloudandco Design Studio

A-X Phone longs to return back the tactile feeling of using a DSLR camera lens with resulting images keeping the flagships of the current era in the grim shadows. The form factor of the phone is not compromised in any way with the addition of a huge lens housing securing a trio of camera sensors. Also, there’s a dial to adjust the image sensor level to get that perfect balance.

The focus values range from 5.6 mm to 1.4 mm to make possible a versatile shooting range for clicking portraits, macros and wide-lens photography. Users can also go for the automatic adjustment options for quick shooting. The designer intends this phone to be aesthetically and ergonomically good to hold in hand. That explains the slim shape and use of light-colored hues for the frame and body.

By the look of things, it should have photography-oriented features and the user interface should be optimized for this function. There are no details about the technical specifications of the device, so you can make your own assumptions on that one.