If the Eames Lounge Chair were a baby-crib, this would be it…

Looking absolutely divine in its wood and veneer construction, the Argo is easily the bassinet-equivalent of the Eames Lounge Chair. Named after the mythical vessel that protected Jason and the Argonauts, it gently cradles, shields and reassures, while easily being the centerpiece of any room. Making quite the statement its classic-meets-futuristic design, Argo doesn’t use an ounce of plastic in its build, sticking to materials that give it its premium appeal… and its ability to shield your baby from electromagnetic waves.

Fashioned from French walnut, the crib’s construction employs animal glues, wool cloth for the interior trim, and an oiled finish to give it its spectacular sheen. A foldable shade-fabric allows you keep the baby safe from mosquitoes and the harsh glare of bright lights, while a copper artwork on the bassinet’s hood helps absorb electromagnetic waves that linger around the child, through the presence of smartphones, smart-home devices, televisions, computers, tablets, etc.

Designer: Ludwig & Dominique