A Speaker and Headphones in Harmony


As designer Deepanjan Sinha puts it, Plus (earphones) and Nest (speaker) “bridge the gap between public and private listening.” The two products are not only aesthetically connected but functionally fused!

Nest serves as both a sound hub and a wireless charger for the headphones. Let’s say you’re on a run listening to music on the Plus phones. Once you get home, you can remove the headphones, place them on the Nest and your music will automatically switch to the speaker so you never miss a beat. Of course, if you want to use your headphones while someone else uses the speaker, simply adjust the settings on the minimal user interface.

Designer: Deepanjan Sinha





Loop Anywhere

An incremental change in shape and material gives out an advantage in management, durability and safety.


Accessible Always

Encouraging you to store the product outside and away from the clutter of your pocket, PLUS ensure a way to securely attach and loop around you or your things.


Intentional Tangling

Going against the notion of getting rid of wires, PLUS take advantage of and encourages the tangling motion and turns it into its USP.


Inclusive Controls

Merging its controls with the way you handle the product, PLUS turns on and pairs with your phone as your separate its 2 magnetic surfaces.




Instant Switch

No more rummaging through long and tedious Bluetooth menus. Simply drop your PLUS earphones on top of NEST and instantly switch to your speakers.

Keeping the gesture of switching as natural as possible, no physical connection is needed.


Wireless Charging

NEST doubles as a wireless charging hub for PLUS, giving it a designated purpose when not in use.


Basic Interactions

NEST comes with a bare minimum of control. assuming you would be controlling your music through your smartphone or any other device.