Can you Feel the Groove

Grooveat is here to disrupt the music streaming and audio industry in one big swoop. Grooveat is the music app and audio set that provides a suitable tracklist for you in real-time, based on your current taste of rhythm, not genre. What really makes the Grooveat something different, is the collection they appear to provide. Beginning with the music streaming app and following onto its own personalized Grooveat audio equipment – something we haven’t seen with the likes of Spotify. The earbuds here are edgy, maybe a little harsher than needs be at first glance, but it makes a lot more sense when looking at their integration with the speaker. The speaker has an interesting material mix – the outer shell being made from glass, housing the internal electronics and bridging the main interaction points and the speaker itself. The glass is disrupted at the rear with what seems to be a cone shape housing the audio equipment. I must say, I do enjoy the use of the headphones having a second function here, being used to navigate the menu and control the volume but I do wonder will this lead to more wear and tear for the headphones with prolonged use. That being said, this is a very cool concept and I’m sure if this hit the shops tomorrow it would do exceptionally well.

Designers: Jaejin Bong, Myung Nyun Kim, Hyojeong Lee, Yoonkyung Cho, Dong Dong Ha & Sang-Jin Han