Hourglass-inspired salt and pepper shaker lets you flip to switch seasonings

Classy and space-conscious, Volto is a dual-container spicer that takes inspiration from an hourglass. With a glass diaphragm separating the two volumes, the Volto’s transparent body clearly lets you see your condiments as you shake them over your food, so you’re never doing a test-shake to see whether you’ve got the salt shaker or the pepper shaker. The transparent body is also a great way to remind yourself to refill the containers when they’re running empty.

The containers come with their own cork-stops with an angular cut along the base that allows you to ‘open or close’ the containers. Just rotate the cork to expose or cover the shaker’s holes and you’re good to go! Volto’s flip-to-season shaker works with everything from the classic salt and pepper to more diverse spices like nutmeg, paprika, cumin, or even dried herbs, giving you the best of all worlds in a neat, minimal product.

Designer: Mireia Rius