The slimmest portable monitor to double your productivity!

You would imagine us editors at Yanko Design sitting in front of dual monitors, scouting for projects to write with one screen, while using the second monitor to write the article. The hard truth is that only Takashi – my boss has the luxury of working with two 34″ kickass monitors. He often bum’s us for not being efficient and productive. Well guess what – boss – here is YOUR chance to upgrade your team with some performance gear – the BladeX monitor.

The purpose of this slim, lightweight, touchscreen is to be a super portable monitor and help you double your productivity! It works with all laptops via USB-C/HDMI, but on the flipside, it also hooks up to gaming consoles like the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

So while it promises productivity, it also works as a distraction – or entertainment, whichever way you see this coin.

With loads of good stuff packed into this gear – it even works with smartphones, making them super-snappy computers – the question is, what will you use it for? Work or pleasure or both.

Designer: Odake Design

Click Here To Buy Now: $209 $359 (41% off).

About BladeX

BladeX is one of the most lightweight and compact on-the-go external monitors available today. At under 2 pounds, it is easy to store and travel with. It’s available in 1080P and 4K high definition versions and this 15.6” monitor promises to boost your productivity by up to 50%. Just plug into it with USB-C or HDMI and you’re ready to work with the convenience of double monitors wherever you are!

Stay Productive

BladeX is a super slim 1.89 lb. monitor, perfect for turning your laptop into an optimized desktop, but in a much more compact way. Wherever you go, you can always stay productive and on task.

Play Your Game On Big Screen

Wherever you go, simply plug in your gaming console or smartphone and start running your favorite games. Your games become larger, more detailed and easier to play.

Turn Your Smartphone Into A Laptop

By connecting it to BladeX, you can do everything you can do on a laptop—and more. With desktop-class browsing, access to office applications, games, and email, the possibilities are limitless.


With an ultra-slim 4.5mm profile, BladeX is ultra-light and ultra-portable. Traveling with a monitor has never been easier.

Built-in Battery

Its on-board 3000mAh battery delivers a solid three hours use-time between recharges.

Landscape Mode

It broadens the view and assists with multi-tasking. You can either extend the monitor to create more productive desktop space or mirror the monitor to share the screen.

Portrait Mode

It stretches out the view for document reading, coding, and other extended applications.

Click Here To Buy Now: $209 $359 (41% off).