Landscaped Showers

If you have ever used the open-shower bathrooms in luxury hotels, you’ll totally connect with the Portal Shower. There is nothing more refreshing than an environment that reflects nature’s bounty. The shower system consists of a screen system that showcases various natural environments. An easy fix to your daily dose of the sea, sands, and gardens!


  • Portal is a piece of electro thermal defogging glass with clear view film on both sides.
  • This film allows us to project a scene directly onto the glass while maintaining its translucent properties.
  • The glass is connected to a sensor which automatically adds a current, to prevent fogging.
  • A rear mounted projector can be built into a wall or ceiling and can project a variety of scenes.

Portal is a 2013 Bathroom Innovation Awards entry.

Designer: Matthew Simpson


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  • Natalia says:


    I saw your page that describes Landscaped Shower. Where can I buy such shower? For a luxury house.

    Thank you.


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