Swap daily insulin injections with Kite, get rid of 40 weekly injections

Both my parents are diabetic, and given their age and how forgetful they are, they sometimes miss taking their insulin pills before meals. They end up overcompensating, by taking the meds later – but this is not the solution. In medical conditions like type 1 diabetes, which requires daily monitoring and proper dosage of insulin, hoping to bridge this gap is the Kite smart insulin port. An innovative insulin injecting system, Kite hopes to make life easier for diabetic people.

Imagine a smart insulin port attached to your skin, delivering the right dose, and at the right time. At the same moment, getting all information regarding your sugar levels, meds timings and health data, managed and analyzed with the accompanying app.

Kite replaces the need to pump yourself with over 30 injections a week, thanks to the soft cannula insertion. It turns any device into a ‘smart’ device, and automatically dispenses the accurate insulin dose. Designed to be affordable, a device like this can be very helpful in the lifestyle management of diabetics.

The functions of the port include: dispensing the dose, capturing data and sending to the diabetes management app. The app integrates blood sugar levels, carb intake and activity. Kate also has wireless connectivity.

Designers: Mitul Lad & Cambridge Consultants