Innovative tableware designs that turn eating into an experience: Part 2

Spoons, forks, dishes… these are some classic designs that have remained standard ever since their invention. Or so we thought until we came across these innovative tableware designs! From a teapot that keeps your tea warm while you have those long conversations, an ergonomically efficient spice grinder to flowing plates that add a moment of zen to your table, these designs, when used, are sure to set your table apart to an extent where your cutlery ends up being the focus over the food! Check out our Part 1 of this collection to spice up your dinner table even more!

Tea for two is an easy-to-use tea set with 2 spouts on a pivoting base to keep the tea and conversation flowing by Mark Huang

The Ortwo models itself on the hand-grippers that we use to increase our gripping strength, giving you a new, single-handed way to crush pepper, salt, or other spices by Dreamfarm 

Doubloom is a darling spice canister set that adds a decorative touch to your kitchen by Wanki Kim 

The Pick-Up Lid lets you grab a pinch of seasoning from the glass receptacle without making any contact with the food by Nendo for Daikin

The storm tray from 24d-studio Design&Architecture 

Inspired by ever-shifting dunes, The Foundry by Tinkah set out to develop a material that tames the characteristics of desert sand into a moldable medium 

Folding Tableware by Zhou Buyi is stacked up from top to bottom, flowing with aesthetic feeling. Lines are made up of 1:2:3 ratios, in geometric progression 

This Cutlery Design has utensils made from black matte steel and inset into wood handling by Saad Syed (emrgnce)

The Outlery Cutlery is a three-part kit that screws on in a jiffy and can be used on the go. Easy to clean and maintain, just carry a box on you, wherever you go by Outlery 

This family of products designed for Virgin Atlantic consists of everything from the cutlery through to the cupholders, with every single element of the experience receiving a new lease of life by Youmeus Design 

Teapot designed by Jose Carlos