One Bike for All

The Universal Bike is versatile urban mobility at its best! The proprietary design allows for an easy change of geometry, making it possible for one bicycle to fit 99% of the population. With three basic measurements of the rider’s body and riding preference, the app calculates the right setting ensuring a perfect fit. Set it not only to your size, but change your riding style from road bike to beach cruiser and more in seconds. See it in action after the jump!

Designer: BrooklynessCycles


  • ballz says:

    novel idea, poor execution…

  • Hatillari says:

    What if i want to buy a city bike, why not spent 200$ for it instead of 1000$ for this one?

  • nic says:

    You’re missing the point here: if you only need ONE bike, go get the bike you need.
    This concept design is about transforming ONE bike into MANY bicycles, according to your ever-changing feel for riding.

    Interesting concept that could go very wrong with poor manufacturing (joints getting loose etc.)

    Styling-wise… I’d say it needs more refinement, IMHO

  • Hatillari says:

    Yes the idea would be great if the price was like 500 bucks, more people would probably buy it (Lose the carbon fiber guys).

    But I can’t imagine myself using this bike, my ever-changing feel for riding requires just one bike.

  • Brooklyness says:

    Please feel free to take a look at our Kickstarter campaign for more info!

  • jonah says:

    cool idea but holy crap their graphic design is terrible.

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