1% transparent mechanical keyboard presents itself in original purity to stand out from the best

There are some computer peripheral manufacturers that work in the parallel lane, they offer aesthetically appealing and durable products, but the limelight is usually hogged by a select few. One name in the former brands that deserve more recognition than they already garner is Lofree.

Lofree, if you are unaware, is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art mechanical keyboards and other peripherals that deserve attention. If you want to invest in a good quality mechanical keyboard, with a two-part design, you have a handful of options, per se the interesting AM AFA by Angry Miao. However, if your selection gets you to a single board form factor, which is more durable and tactical, Lofree 1% Transparent Mechanical Keyboard is a great bet.

Designer: Lofree

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If you’re a Lofree user, or have been following the brand’s development, you’d relate with the 1% moniker. The company runs a product series under the 1% product line that offers minimalist design. Staying true to the form factor of its siblings, the new ergonomic keyboard takes a slight aesthetic detour.

The 1% Lost in Desire Mechanical Keyboard is fully transparent: the chassis, keys, just about every bit of it has a misty appearance to it. The bubble wrap-like keycaps are highlighted by use of black letters while the keyboard has a solid bezel – on all four sides – that gives the predominantly white peripheral a robust look and feel.

For workaholics like myself, soft acoustics and typing convenience are of paramount importance. This ensure typing for hours is relaxing. Lofree has aced this aspect in the new keyboard, which understandably the brand’s escalating to a new high with the use of cotton pad layer between the PCB and bottom plate that absorbs typing pressure to offer smooth typing and sweet sound of the keystrokes. Delivered with hot-swappable sockets to allow the user to replace switches when required, the Bluetooth keyboard is available now for $240.