Dots of Fire

Now you too can get all of your temps in dot form! Yay! This concept is a faucet and it’s name is “Tempdot.” The quick and simple reasoning for this is that there’s dots on top of the faucet, dots that both activate the water flow and control the temperature of that water at the same time. Simply drag your finger across the neck of this lovely lady, lift where you want the temperature to reach, and wait for water! To turn off again, just a little bump will do.

The alternate title of this post is Dots of Ice. That’s because these dots can deliver either. Made by a repeat designer here at Yanko, Jaeseok Han, this faucet is simple, nice to look at, and to me it seems pretty reasonable. It reduces the amount of metal that’s got to be used, and the lights on top are said to be recharged by the hot water flow through the system. How nice? How nice.

Designer: Jaeseok Han

Tempdot faucet concept by Jaeseok Han