Every photographer will love to get their hands on these products designed especially for them!

Behind every good photograph is a photographer with his loved and trusted tools! Being married to a part-time photographer, I know there is no visible end to his to-buy list, and how would there be? Photography is an intricate and expensive craft, and although the advent of phone cameras has made capturing photographs a breeze, there is an equal number of people who believe that images via the traditional methods are more controlled and dependent on their manual skills. This collection we have today is especially aimed at all of those who shoot with a camera or are looking to enter the world of photography, with these products aimed at helping you focus (literally) at making your travel and your craft an easier extension of your everyday life!

The Lomography Lomo’ Instant Camera raised over $1.1Million on Kickstarter after being launched by Lomography 

Lynx Axis 360: modular motion control for cameras by Cinetics 

Foldio 3 by Orangemonkie comes with an innovative design puts all of that into a small flat-packed case that can fit right under your arm 

Adaptalux: An Adaptable Miniature Lighting Studio for portable macro photography and videography adaptable lighting studio by Samuel Granger and team at Adaptalux

The PicaPod by Design Icon Studio  will allow you to mount everything in one place, so no matter, if you’ve got a GoPro, or a DSLR, or a 360° camera, or even just a point & shoot, you’re sorted

The Travel Tripod comes with half the volume of a traditional travel tripod with all the professional capabilities by Peak Design 

The KUVRD (pronounced ‘covered’) is a one-size-fits-all silicone cap that goes over any and every camera lens you have, no matter the size, or even the brand by KUVRD 

The Neptune Convertible Art Lens System by the team at Lomography includes three prime lenses, two aperture mechanisms, one lens system: Combine the lens base with one of three convertible front lenses for different fixed focal lengths — 3.5/35, 2.8/50 and 4.0/80 — and alternate between a wide range of stopless apertures and special aperture plates using just one lens system

The expandable 48Hr Classic by Alex of Temporary Forevers is the urban commuter’s ultimate travel, work and photography bag 

The Less One Camera comes inspired by Dieter Rams’ philosophy of “as little design as possible”, so this minimalistic camera by Maciek Blaźniak combines maximum functionality and straightforward aesthetics

The Fusion camera that allows blind and visually impaired individuals can capture moments in their own familiar way by recording audio and haptic memories with short audio samples via two stereo microphones as well as a changing braille screen that uses tactile graphics to allow users to feel objects or vibrant colors by Louis Berger