The BassMe wearable turns your body into a subwoofer.

Your chest is basically an acoustic chamber. If you’ve ever been to a concert and you felt your chest thump along with the kick of a drum, it’s because your thoracic cavity is reverberating with the music. Given that your lungs are always filled with air, your torso is just an acoustic chamber that literally thumps to the loud music you’re listening to, increasing your feelings of euphoria and enjoyment… and while that feeling isn’t quite possible with headphone-based audio (since the audio goes directly into your ears instead of passing through your body), BassMe fills in that gap.

BassMe is a wearable subwoofer that rests conveniently on your shoulder, with the audio-element sitting against your rib-cage. Designed to be worn with headphones or even with a VR kit, BassMe helps you feel the audio, rather than just listen to it. Using state-of-the-art sound-wave and vibration technology, BassMe delivers rich low-end frequencies to you, widening the range of frequencies you experience while listening to music or to any sort of audio. It complements your audio with zero lag, and delivers sound so efficiently that users are often compelled to reduce the volume on their headsets just because they can already hear so well. Made for being worn while listening to music, watching movies, or playing games, BassMe gives you the effect of having a powerful hi-fi speaker unit near you, so the music feels pumpier, movies seem more immersive, and those gunshots and car engines in your games really feel believable!

Designer: Studio Duroy