Modular Traffic Lights

We have way too many hoardings and en route distractions while driving, and I complete get what these designers mean by ‘crowded traffic lights’. Any visible space that comes in the line-of-vision of the driver is populated with clutter; hence the CEF Traffic Lights looks at remedying it. Modular enough to fit in various functions like a camera, the lights simplify the current option.

CEF Traffic Lights is an iF Design Awards – Concept Design Entry for 2014.

Designers: Han Like, Liu Peng, Ren Mingjun & Wei Chengjie


  • manuel says:

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  • stephen russell says:

    Test here for LA CA alone, Auto Capital of CA
    Then take it worldwide.
    Radical idea.
    Use citywide in So CA

  • Zurl says:

    It’s a very modern, stylish design, but as an individual who suffers from red-green color blindness I rely on the position of the lit traffic light more than I do on the actual color of said light (given that I cannot differentiate between ‘red’ and ‘green’.) Since, statistically speaking, up to 10% of males are red-green color blind, this may pose a problem.

  • Martin says:

    So we complain about people getting distracted by the different gadgets mounted near the traffic lights, and then in the next paragraph state how all these gadgets would now have the same shape as the lights, so we’d have to look twice to distinguish them. How is that progress?

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