VolleBak’s anti-abrasion tee shirt is made from real carbon fiber

I assume somewhere in VolleBak’s headquarters lies a massive whiteboard with the words “WHY NOT” scrawled on it, because if the past few months have been any indication, the company’s product launches have been getting progressively stranger but at the same time, exciting just because we’re witnessing one of the most avant-garde movements in apparel and fashion design.

After making kevlar, iridescent, and graphene jackets, VolleBak’s latest uses a material found exclusively in jet engines, missile housings, and supercars. I’m talking about Carbon Fiber, the material that’s lighter than aluminum and stronger than steel. VolleBak’s Carbon Fiber shirt comes with a price tag of $110 which seems pretty reasonable considering it comes made with woven strands of carbon fiber in it. Designed to be worn close to the skin, the material is breathable, lightweight, and wicks moisture incredibly well.

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering why (and also how) would VolleBak integrate carbon fibers into fashion. Carbon Fiber is known for its incredible strength, which lends its properties to the shirt, making it practically abrasion-proof. Designed to last much longer than any traditional tee shirt, even in the most demanding of scenarios, the Carbon Fiber tee shirt will not scuff, rip, shred, or tear if you accidentally fall off a bike or slip while trekking or bump your shoulder against a tree’s rough bark. In extension, the fabric even protects your skin, preventing damage to itself as well as you. The fabric itself comes made from a yarn that contains thousands of intertwined individual carbon fibers. While you’d expect these fibers to be incredibly tough, the fabric also comprises 36% elastane, giving it strength but also a 4-way stretch, making the VolleBak Carbon Fiber Tee look like just about any other tee shirt you’ve seen, but behave unlike any other. Why not, eh?

Designer: VolleBak