Hair blown, Mind blown!


James Dyson is one designer who pushes boundaries more than anyone out there. If there’s one designer you must look up to, it’s James Dyson and the culture he set up: To innovate alongside design, and like no other! Dyson’s name became a household one after they announced the Bladeless Fan, an appliance that used Dyson’s proprietary technology to emit a single stream of air while also multiplying it, by harnessing the air around it. It only made sense for that technology to see applications in other appliances. In comes the Dyson Supersonic, a hairdryer as advanced as its name. Using Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology, the Hair Dryer is like no other, taking design and engineering to an absolutely different level.

The design reflect’s Dyson’s clean and crisp style. The magic lies in the signature hole that runs through the hair dryer design. On the technology front, Dyson left no stone unturned, with a motor so small, it fits in the handle, and so quiet, you won’t even notice! A microprocessor reads the air temperature 20 times a second to ensure that it remains consistent, boasting of a user experience that only Dyson can ensure!

Obviously all this comes at a price. The Supersonic comes with a pretty hefty price tag, but once you understand what has gone into making the world’s best hair dryer, maybe you’ll shell out that kind of cash!

Designer: Dyson