A desktop hand-warmer that alleviates frozen-finger syndrome

If you’ve ever tried to text in the cold, you know that your fingers tend to lock because of the low temperatures… so imagine trying to type on a keyboard in the cold. Whether you’re working or gaming, the Breez desktop hand-warmer keeps your fingers toasty as you clack away at the keys of your USB or wireless keyboard. The horizontal radiator design uniformly warms your hands as you type, covering the entire keyboard so there’s never a cold-zone near the numpad.

Breez’s design is relatively simple in that it comes with a colorful body, almost reminiscent of lofree’s keyboard, and vents on the back and front. A simple button lets you toggle the warmer on and off, giving you the cozy warmth your fingers need in a heavily air-conditioned or a naturally cold environment.

Designer: Hyemin Jeong