No, Doctor Octopus doesn’t have a minion drone. The Hexapod is a ‘non-evil’ robot that harvests fruits.

If fruits were sentient, they’d probably get the crap scared out of them.

As absolutely terrifying as it may look to most people, the Hexapod Pro is actually a pretty benign little robot designed to perform tasks that are too menial for humans. The 6-armed drone was actually envisioned as a multipurpose robot used to harvest fruits and vegetables, as well as perform cleanups on beaches and in forests.

With its jellyfish-inspired aesthetic, the Hexapod Pro comes with a central processing hub with multiple fisheye cameras for 360° vision, and a set of 6 flexible arms with 3 fingers per arm for being able to pick up objects. Envisioned by Australian designer Chris Koch, the Hexapod Pro is best employed at doing duties that require basic skills of tracking and picking objects. Perfect for using on orchards to pick fruits and veggies, or on beaches and forests to clean up after humans (that’s a robot uprising story just waiting to happen), the Hexapod Pro’s arms come outfitted with a pair of soft robotic grippers that are perfect for being able to firmly pluck produce without damaging them, or lift up various objects off the floor effectively without dropping them.

The Hexapod’s advanced design, however, doesn’t do it favors because of how immediately intimidating it looks. 12 fisheye cameras dotted around its ‘head’ allow it to see practically everywhere without any blind spots, and the 6 arms look almost identical to the ones found on Doctor Otto Octavius, one of Spiderman’s many nemeses. The Stormtrooper color-way sort of reinforces its sinister appearance… maybe coloring the robot pink would help?

Thankfully, though, the Hexapod Pro is a conceptual work of art… although just in case, maybe avoid littering the beach or trespassing on someone’s orchard, hm?

Designer: Chris Koch