Effective packaging designs that you will love!

You know the saying, ‘The first impression is the last impression’, well that may not be entirely true, but in case of product designs the first impression is formed by the packaging design, and you can be sure that it does have a huge impact. Packaging design is responsible for grabbing attention in the sea of products that float the world today. And that attention is what will make people give attention to the products so they can go on and give your product a shot. From everyday product like honey to a unique packaging that makes carrying your flower bouquet a breeze, these packaging designs are sure to help you create a packaging design that will surely grab eyeballs!

Shaped like a cows udder which is not only freakin’ cute but ergonomic. 4 little teats give it a little stability and something to hold on to when you’re pouring a cold glass of milk! Designed by Muhammet Uzuntas.

The Hutchinson bottle (designed way back in 1894) with a straight-sided bottle with a bulbous neck is now being reissued as the packaging for Coca-Cola’s series of mixers by Coca-Cola & Dragon Rouge

Honeygreen+ containers designed by Vieri Design and Jorge Ros 

Egg Box by Otília Andrea Erdélyi 

1000 Acres Vodka by Arnell Group 

Fish Club Wine by Backbone Branding

IKEA’s Hilver table packaging redesigned to transform into a stool by Xiang Guan

GIGS 2 GO from Bolt Group is created from molded paper pulp enclosure, made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper

The wine bottle packaging by Egger Druck und Medien 

The Peel Saver, an all-new food packaging design created from the peel waste was created in the process of making fries by Simone Caronni, Pietro Gaeli & Paolo Stefano Gentile 

Flower packaging by Johanna Brännström that is tape and glue-free 

Miko No Yu bath powder packaging by Chiun Hau You