Two-factor security for your two-wheeler!

You don’t always need AI and motion detection to dissuade burglars. A simple Grip-lock is enough to make them want to rip their hair out while they regret trying to steal your two-wheeler.

This is the Grip-lock. It’s basically a physical barrier that makes motorcycle theft a literal pain in the a**. It snaps around your bike throttle and your brake stick in a rather inconspicuous manner, and can only be opened using a key. The Grip-lock’s purpose is two-fold. A. Preventing the throttle from being turned, so you can’t really accelerate or drive the motorcycle, and B. it presses down on your brake too, so you can’t really wheel the motorcycle away too.

Using a combination of reinforced nylon with hardened steel rods on the inside, it’s easier to give up than to break the Grip-lock. Made with an adjustable design, the Grip-lock works on everything from motorcycles to scooters, quad-bikes, and even snowmobiles. Plus, with its 10-year warranty, you can save some cash and skip the insurance!

Designer: Grip-lock

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