Carving Out A USB Love Relationship

Somewhere down the line bonding and reconnecting with loved ones in this digital world is all about doing special projects together. For instance the Presence in Absence DIY USB Carving Set is for those lovers who stay apart often, yet want a tangible piece of each other. The set comprises of a wooden Digital stick that you and your partner craft into two with the help of the special knife. This is where words like legacy, heirloom and devoted love come into play.

“I wanted to include the reflective, relaxing qualities of crafts as way to build an emotional bond between users firstly and then users and objects.” It also hopes to open a dialogue about how we will value our digital artifacts in the future – our digital heirlooms.

Presence in Absence Includes:

  • A digital Scrapbook in Birchwood with porcelain caps.
  • A carving knife with laminated steel blade with Birch and Oak handle.
  • A hub for both digital Scrapbooks finished in porcelain.
  • A carrying envelope finished in gray felt, brown aniline cow leather with birch duffel button and laser cut details.

Designer: Colm Keller



Presence in Absence DIY USB Carving Set by Colm Keller