An easy-to-read dehumidifier!

Taking inspiration from a clock, this domestic dehumidifier certainly stands out! Hyeongkwon Lee, the design of the appropriately named, CLOCK, recognized how easily readable clock faces are, even from a great distance, and set out to convey this minimal level of human interaction into a dehumidifier.

CLOCK has been designed with the domestic setting firmly in mind; a simplistic design and fuss-free base allows it to look just at home within a vast variety of differently styled rooms; the combination of bold symmetry and repeated patterns creates a striking device without being shouty.

The monochromatic color of the product is dramatically contrasted with the vibrant blue finish of the ‘hands’. The dial isn’t a clock, but rather an indicator of the dehumidification process’s progress; The circle that navigates the outer-recess displays how much time is left of the cycle, while the vertical LED bar is a digital water level… and most importantly, both are readable from the opposite end of the room!

Designer: Hyeongkwon Lee

HOUR HAND – It shows progress information from the current humidity to the humidity set by the user. When the hour-hand returns to its original position after rotation, the dehumidification is completed.

MINUTE HAND – Through the led lighting, it shows how much water from the dehumidification process is in the water bottle.