Changing seasons are the inspiration behind this vintage-esque typewriter!

The number of people who opt for laptops over desktops has been increasing by the day. Not everyone prefers keyboards, but they are essentially useful for people who tend to type a lot on a daily basis such as writers, journalists and etc. We’ve seen a lot of innovative portable keyboard designs over the years, however, Lofree’s Four Seasons Keyboard is an ode to the past. Inspired by quintessential typewriters, the Lofree Four Seasons is a retro-esque mechanical keyboard. As the product’s name implies, it’s available in four different colors based on the seasons – Vernal White (spring), Aestival Blue (summer), Autumnal Gray (autumn) and Hibernal Black (winter).

The keyboard is quite similar to the Mac built-in keyboard, so it won’t be a drastic change for Apple users. However, the keyboard is compatible with iOS, Windows, and Android. The keys are supported by Gateron blue switches, which reduce pressure on your fingers as you type, preventing the risk of developing Repetitive Strain Injury. It can be used wirelessly and with a wire, so it’s quite easy to carry around. Equipped with an LED backlight, you can adjust the lighting of the keyboard which comes in three levels, so you can easily use the keyboard no matter where you are. The Lofree Four Seasons allows you to connect and work with three different devices, your smartphone, laptop, and tablet.

My favorite feature is its quirky typewriter-inspired round keys and the fact that each keyboard color option has one different colored key! For example, the Aestival Blue has a pop of orange, while the Vernal White has a pop of green. This retro colorful keyboard is on my must-have list for sure!

Designer: Lofree

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